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[Sonic OC] MKIII XTP597 Intro (Incomplete)
This is part of the intro animation for XTP. Taken a bit of reference from MvC IronMan's super art. I have a bit more to go on this animation, and I will upload it when it's done.

XTP597 MKIII WIP Sheet by XTP597
Where I am with MKIII XTP597. Actually a great deal of animations, which are mostly in the rough stages (Limb Separation). Moves can be used in a fighting game, Sonic Battle or games similar, and Smash Bros styled games. I am still missing "Aerial Shot Attack- Primal Roar" and "Up Special" with the absence of ideas for those attacks or how the attack will look in action. Hopefully I can finish the sheet before the year is over. 

-XTP597/Sprite Star
[Sonic OC] Wingman and S-Rider Sprites by XTP597
[Sonic OC] Wingman and S-Rider Sprites
My younger brother's character that I helped him design (and redesigned many times) has hopefully gotten a final design. He is known as "Wingman Sigma" and in this design he has hijacked and upgraded a Eggman robot model, which he will use similar to how Tron Bonne uses her mech in Megaman Legends and Marvel vs Capcom 2. His moveset will be a mix of Hayate, RubyHeart and Tron Bonne all from MvC2. Along with XTP597 MKIII, Wingman will be a sprite sheet that I will make/help make. Both will be featured in something I want to make in the future alongside Project Helix. 

Original colors and Photoshopped colors included. Do not use unless it is approved by me. 

Wingman Sigma is not my character (entirely at least) but this has been submitted with the original character's approval.
Soren the Time Mage Pixel Art by XTP597
Soren the Time Mage Pixel Art
My design for the main protagonist of "Project Quartz". Just a bit of pixel art to try out some of the studies I've been doing. 
I have been thinking... wouldn't it be better to make a soundtrack that's for a game that I would create rather than just make a soundtrack alone? Working on the soundtrack(which is basically a NES Megaman OST) led me to create a few sprites that I have posted recently. Thus, Comet and the custom Megaman/Rock sprites were born. But after working on some other 8-bit sprites along with those, I have come to the conclusion to use these sprites in a game. 

The game would have a good bit of story involved like it was in Megaman Zero, but still has the look and feel of the NES Megamans before. Comet would be a supporting playable character in the game, assisting Rock in his goal but also serving a great deal in the story of the game. 8 new Robot Masters will be created, along with some other ideas that may come up in production (if it was).

The story will take place just before the start of Megaman X, tying the end of Rock's time activated. Dr. Light will be ill during this time, and his work is being copied and remodeled in order to police the work he has already made. This is where Comet will come in, being the cyborg in charge of policing Dr. Light, Rock and Roll. Comet is made to counter Rock, having enhanced abilities such as the "Comet Burner" being a heat-enhanced Mega Buster and Rock's Copy ability. The super-police force known commonly as "Arcadia Law" will be hacked by a virus known as "Pre-Sigma", which is sourced to Dr. Wily, and the secret Mega-Robots to activate and take over Arcadia Law. The 8 that you fight will call themselves "the 8 Laws". Comet is the only cyborg not affected because he is essentially Rock's double, having his own free will programmed into him in case it was needed to talk down Rock if he was to go "rogue". It is up to Rock to combat the 8 Laws alongside Comet and stop the threat of Dr. Wily and the Pre-Sigma virus.

Now since I have no skills in coding whatsoever, I cannot create this product on my own. If anyone would like to assist me in creating this game, contact me and we will see what we can do together. As of now, this is only a concept that will tie together the end of Rock and the beginning of X. In case sometime in the future there are people able to help me in this, I will continue to sprite for this game. 

I will make a post in the future calling for help designing the 8 Laws. So far, I have 6 of their themes done. Once the other 2 are done, I will reveal the names of the bosses and their abilities I will have in mind for them. However the names of them may change... I will hold a poll soon to help me make this decision.

.: XTP597/Sprite Star :.



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UltimateZero2015 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Can you join my Megaman X9 team, we need spriter. Please!
I look forward for your reply.
XTP597 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
That depends, because I've worked with people before and the projects never move forward or remove me for "not being fast enough". I want more details about it to make my decision.
UltimateZero2015 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Ok. I make sure that i dont give up. Except team member refuse to help me, all of the team, or a part (like all spriter or all artist?) I take care the programming itself. And dont worry, I am making fan game, first. Second, I am slow too, no doubt. So I wont kick anyone out of my team. Because up to now finding a mem is still so hard too. Oh, also for the project speed, you guys can check out the journal, and download link is there too. So if those reason bother you, you can really ignore it.
XTP597 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
I will look into the project. And I will get back to you about it.
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TalonTH Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015
Why so serious? :)
XTP597 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Student General Artist
It's just how I am.
TalonTH Featured By Owner Edited Jul 26, 2015
I feel you.  I like your character btw
XTP597 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you very much.
PauliCat-24 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015

Thanks you so much for the watch:icontinoplz:~:heart:

I really appreciate it:iconteyuplz:~:music:You're very kind:iconyuihugplz::iconluvluvplz:
XTP597 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Student General Artist
You are very welcome. Your art is quite amazing to see. And I would like to see more from you.
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